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Residency REclassifiction Procedures

An initial determination of resident status for admission, tuition and charge differential purposes will be made at the time a student's application for admission is reviewed. The determination made at that time, and any determination made thereafter, shall continue for each semester/term until that determination is changed in accordance with any one of the following procedures.

Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students

Newly admitted undergraduate students seeking a review of their initial residency determination are to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 301-314-8385 or email oua-residency.

Newly Admitted Graduate Students

New admitted graduate students seeking a review of their initial residency determination are to contact Residency Reclassification Services at 301-314-9596 or email resclass@umd.edu.

Current Continuing students

  1. Students wishing to apply for a change to in-state status after their initial semester can file a Petition for Change in Residency Status. Only one petition may be filed per semester.
  2. a. Petitions will only be accepted and evaluated if accompanied by ALL supporting documents. Late and incomplete petitions will not be accepted. See deadlines.

    b. The required supporting documents are listed within the body of the petition. For your convenience, refer to the checklist.

  3. Assignment of in-state or out-of-state classification for the purposes of admission and assessing tuition will be made upon an assessment of all facts known or presented to the University of Maryland. The student petitioner shall have the burden of proof that he or she satisfies all requirements.
  4. In the event that incomplete, false, or misleading information is presented, the University of Maryland will revoke in-state status and may take disciplinary action against the student according to its Code of Student Conduct. If in-state status is granted due to false or misleading information, the University reserves the right to retroactively assess all out-of-state charges for each semester/term affected.
  5. No requests for retroactive change in status will be accepted. A student may only file a Petition for Change in Residency Classification for a current semester according to University established deadlines. In addition, a determination of in-state status is only valid for a term in which a student is registered. Requests for change in residency classification will not be accepted if a student is not registered for that term.
  6. While petitions are under review, students are required to make full tuition payment at the out-of-state rate. The initial determination may take up to three (3) weeks if all supporting documents are submitted along with petition. Students are responsible for all late fees and finance charges that are assessed if their entire bill is not paid at the time due, regardless of a pending decision from the Residency Reclassification Services. If the University determines that the student meets all of the requirements for in-state residency, the student's classification will be changed and a refund or account credit will be issued as appropriate.


Residency Classification Evaluator initially reviews a student's petition and renders a decision following the Board of Regents Policy for Student Residency Classification.

To the Residency Review Committee (RRC): A student who has been denied in-state reclassification following the submission of a Petition may submit a written appeal to the RRC. This appeal should be sent to resclass@umd.edu no later than ten (10) working days from the date of the written adverse decision of the Residency Classification Evaluator. The written appeal should present any and all information upon which the appeal is based and of which the student would like the RRC to be aware of since the student will not be present for the review. The written appeal and any additional documentation should be submitted all at once. Unless otherwise specifically requested by the RRC, information and arguments not presented by the student shall not hereafter be considered on appeal. It is the student's responsibility to provide complete and timely responses to requests for information by the RRC. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the appeal. The student will be notified when a decision is made by the RRC.

Requests for Waivers to the President or Designee

A student, who has been denied reclassification following a timely appeal and final decision by the Residency Review Committee (RRC), may apply to the President for a waiver of the requirement(s) of the Residency Policy upon which the denial was based. Waivers are discretionary and reserved for those rare and unusual circumstances where in the judgment of the President (or designee) the student does not meet the criteria for in-state tuition billing status but an application of the requirement(s) would create an unjust result.

The application to the President shall be in writing and set forth all facts and reasons the student believes supports the request; provided, however, matters not previously presented to the Residency Classification Evaluator and the RRC will not be considered. Requests for a Presidential waiver may only be made in cases where the decision of Residency Evaluator and Residency Review Committee are adverse to the student. The request for the presidential waiver must be received within ten (10) business days from the date of the decision of the RRC. A request for the Presidential waiver, can be emailed to Residency Reclassification Services at resclass@umd.edu. The decision of the President is final.